There are plenty of activities that can be enjoyed by those who spend just one day in PV. Take a bus or taxis to the stunning Malecon Boardwalk, which is along the shores of Banderas Bay. You can then stroll through the bizarre sculptures, intricate sand artifacts you can find in the Malecon, taking photographs or taking a tour of an art gallery on the route. Visit puerto vallarta by booking Cheap Flights from Denver to Puerto Vallarta.


If you want to get away from the crowds of tourists in Puerto Vallarta, head about 20 miles to the south of Yelapa. According to travel experts, Yelapa is considered as one of Mexico's most "undiscovered" beaches, Yelapa is only reachable via watercraft, which could be a part of the reason it is less popular as compared to other popular destinations in Bahia de Banderas.

Many tourists come to Yelapa because of its unspoiled beach If you're looking for more excitement, you'll not be disappointed. There's a waterfall a bit far from the town, which is accessible via a well-lit walking path. Recently, visitors have advised swimming under the waterfall, and lauding the refreshing, clean water. Because of the pathway that is paved and the short hike, many believed it is suitable for kids. However, some visitors were disappointed by the modest dimensions of the waterfall.

Vallarta Botanical Gardens

To discover more than Puerto Vallarta, you might like to visit the famous Jardin Botanico Vallarta (Vallarta Botanical Gardens). The gardens are home to a variety of wildflowers including orchids, as well as insect life, which provide a tranquil and romantic escape from the bustle of Vallarta's city.

A few travelers anticipated spending an hour or two walking around the garden and ended up spending for the whole day because in addition to enjoying the stunning plants, you can also climb the rocks of the jungle and swim in a part in the water. Certain reviewers recommend the activities to physically fit tourists. Be sure to purchase a meal, or at the minimum an alcoholic drink at the restaurant on site that is highly recommended by travelers and experts. If you're planning on hiking then you'll need to pack insect repellent (it's available for buy on the spot) and also consider having long-sleeved pants and sleeves.

Playa las Gemelas

Playa las Gemelas is a small beachfront that lies between condo and beach rental. It is located about 10 miles to the to the south of the center of Puerto Vallarta, its cerulean beach and waves make it a great spot to get away from some of PV's most popular beaches. But, as Playa las Gemelas is relatively tiny, it could be extremely crowded, particularly on weekends. To avoid crowds, visitors should plan to visit during the week and come early in the morning, to mark their spots on the beach. Also, they should bring their own items - water snacks, snacks, sunscreen, and towels, as there aren't many shops or vendors in the vicinity.

With its crystal clear waters as well as its sandy bottom many tourists have compared Playa las Gemelas to a huge swimming pool. They also suggest that using a taxi as well as one of Uber is the most convenient method to get there. While the absence of shops will mean you'll have to carry everything you need however, you could enjoy a more tranquil experience due to the absence of salespeople who are pushy.

Playa Las Animas

This gorgeous beach is located just in the southern part to Puerto Vallarta makes for a delightful day trip, as per previous visitors. It is best accessible via water taxis, Playa Las Animas offers beautiful shorelines, serene waters, and restaurants serving delicious meals. In addition, recent guests report that this beach isn't as crowded as other famous beaches like Playa de los Muertos (as long as you get there early in the early morning).

If you're not relaxing on the beach or sipping an exotic drink You can also hire various water sports equipment like kayaks or take an adventure in parasailing or a banana boat rides at one of these outfitters located in the beach.

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Isla Rio Cuale

Isla Rio Cuale is a mystery for many new Puerto Vallarta travelers. Its location is often difficult to find just makes it more mysterious. Actually, Isla Rio Cuale is located in the middle of the city, and is actually an island that is situated on an inlet of Banderas Bay. To visit the island, stroll to the south of El Malecon until you reach an arch bridge that crosses the river. You'll be able to see the island, which hosts the market stalls that sell local goods.

A few visitors have advised that they could find similar trinkets available on Isla Rio Cuale as there are within Puerto Vallarta, but they are more expensive. However, they acknowledge that the area has beautiful atmosphere and is worth a visit while in PV. Isla Rio Cuale can be visited for free.