Recoleta Cemetery

The adored cemetery, located in the fashionable Recoleta neighborhood the final resting place for numerous notable politicians and elites of Argentine the past.

It's likely that you'll remember Madonna singing Tim Rice's song lyrics "Don't Cry for me Argentina" in her portrayal in the role of Eva "Evita" Peron in the 1978 musical Evita. What you may not recall is the role played by Eva Peron as the outspoken, influential First Lady in Argentina during the year 1946 or her sudden death at 33 of cancer. When you walk through the graveyard you'll not just see Ms. Peron's lavish resting place as well as many art deco, art nouveau and modernist mausoleums. The most impressive is the Circulo Militar, a black structure that was imported from Paris with stunning and white-colored marble angels. One TripAdvisor customer wrote, "It is a necropolis with a wealth of architectural masterpieces. A trip to the city isn't incomplete without it.

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Rose Garden Walk (Paseo del Rosedal)

When you're bored of wandering through the busy Avenue Libertador, take respite in the city's serene rose garden. The garden is situated within Palermo Woods (also known as Parque Tres de Febrero) The lush green space is bursting with color due to the over 1,000 species of roses in this. Its Rose Garden exudes a Zen-like beauty that is similar to Paris' Tuileries. The garden extends to a tranquil Poet's Garden and features an Andalusian patio that is brimming with bright tiles that are imported from Seville.

Fair of the Mataderos (Feria De Mataderos)

For a dose of culture If you want to experience the culture, head right towards The Feria De Mataderos. Guachos (similar in appearance to the cowboys) ride on magnificent horses, and market vendors sell an array of colorful foods and crafts. The tango dancers in fancy costumes light up street life with their traditional dancing , and the guachos battle each other in Argentinean contests for prizes. If you get bored of watching the excitement from afar enroll in Boleadoras (guacho courses). If you're hungry, you'll be able to find plenty of delicious steak sandwiches and mouthwatering local wines to enjoy a relaxing take a sip.


The trendy, sprawling neighborhood of Palermo located in the north of Buenos Aires is divided into three sections: Alto Palermo, Palermo Chico as well as Palermo Viejo (which is further divided in Palermo Soho as well as Palermo Hollywood). Alto Palermo is known for its parks and museums such as Carlos Thays Botanical Garden. Palermo Chico is home to lavish mansions hidden between the Museum of Latin American Art of Buenos Aires (MALBA) It is a secret spot frequently overlooked by visitors. Also, Palermo Viejo is where you'll find the most colors and the local flavor. Palermo Soho has a wealth of boutiques with high-end stores with bustling bars and cafes as well as cobblestoned streets. The neighboring Palermo Hollywood, located just north of Soho is brimming with lively bars for tapas along with film studios and a frenzied outdoor market.

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Puerto Madero

If visitors are looking to go for an evening walk, most choose to visit Puerto Madero, where dazzling city lights highlight the port which was once a major port of European trade. In the daytime, this is a peaceful business center, but at night, the tiny neighborhood is alive with excitement. Fashionable portugues flock to the local seafood and steak restaurants, and dance in the festive dance clubs. Some of the most sought-after spots include Rojo Tango and Asia de Cuba and Asia de Cuba, both known because of their exotic dance music and festive décor.