curacao is a beautiful, if expensive, paradise for tourists. With world-renowned museums and ancient ruins to explore, there’s no shortage of things to do in the tiny island country. If you’re looking to budget a bit and find some free time in Curacao, check out some Cheap Flights from New York to Curacao and the top museums on the island.

Octagon Museum

Following a failed revolution during the revolution in Venezuela at the time of 1812 Simon Bolivar fled to Curacao with his two sisters. They were housed in this bizarrely shape beach house. It is now located on the grounds of Avila Beach Hotel, it is Avila Beach Hotel structure has been renovated and now houses the museum, which is an exhibition that will be on display for a few months on the hotel's story. The building can also be being used to host receptions, readings of poetry, and other occasions.

Museo Tula

The most prosperous plantations of the island, Kenepa was the site of a devastating, one-month-long slave revolt in 1795 that was led by a person named Tula. The Landhuis Kenepa is now an exhibit dedicated to the revolution and the life of those who were part of it as well as the tale of the way Tula moved from farm to farm liberating slaves until the time he was snatched, betrayed and brutally executed.

It's worth purchasing a map (included in the 9:30am start time each day) since there's very little information available in English. The museum is close to the exit towards Knip Beach. Knip beaches.

Jewish Cultural-Historical Museum

It was founded in 1651. Mikve Israel Emanuel Synagogue has the longest continuously operating Jewish religious congregation of the Western part of the hemisphere. Its tiny but fascinating museum is housed in two buildings from the 18th century that were once the rabbi's home as well as a bath house. The museum's main focus is the original Mikveh (bath) which was found during renovations. There is also an Torah scroll delivered in to Curacao in the early days of the Jewish colonists.

Curacao Maritime Museum

The exhibits are engaging and explore the island's past, with displays about The Dutch West India Co, the expansion of Willemstad as well as the slave trade, and much other. One of the highlights for visitors is Steam for Oil which is an operational model of the refinery for oil that has been the mainstay of the island's economy through all of the twentieth century. The museum also offers fascinating weekly harbor tour. Tickets for combo tours are available.

Curacao Museum

The museum is small but worth the effort. museum is a touchstone for the arts, history and social issues with its varied collections. In a remote residential area 1.6km to the west of Otrobanda It's located in a stunningly restored military hospital. The highlight is The cockpit area of the Snip (the first aircraft to travel across over the Atlantic from Netherlands up to Curacao) as well as the stunning collection of contemporary sculptures within the gardens.

Savonet Museum

In the former house of the landhuis (plantation house) This interesting museum traces the history of Curacao by telling the story that took place at its Savonet Plantation. Visitors will learn about the plantation's owner and slaves as well as observe the way their culture and practices changed after the Emancipation. There's also a room focused on archaeology and precolonial cultural practices. The exhibits contain some artifacts from the past however, what's most interesting in this exhibit is the oral history which is recorded in audiovisual presentation.

The museum is situated in the Christoffel Park's entrance. Park. The combination ticket is offered when you plan to go to both the park as well as the museum.

Museum Kura Hulanda

The museum is located in a merchant's home with slave quarters. The fantastic museum chronicles the brutality of the slave trade throughout the New World, including the slave trade, the customs of the enslaved, as well as the abolition of slavery. It also houses a stunning collection of art and objects that come from West Africa - including a impressive sculpture garden that demonstrates the major African influence to Caribbean culture.

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