Most popular beaches in Barbados are St. Georges and Mayfield Beach. There are five beaches have everything a vacationer could want, from the beachcombing to the relaxation. If you're looking for something more specific including Cheap Flights from Miami to Barbados, there are also several other great places to spend your vacation in Barbados.

Miami Enterprise Beach

Miami Beach, near the town of Oistins on the south coast, is a favored Barbados beach that has warm water and white sands that are clean. People from the area come early in the early morning to swim or exercise. Because it's protected it's a great location for families to enjoy the day in peace in the sun, swimming and sunbathing.

The smaller waves are perfect in bodysurfing or bodyboarding. You can watch the luxurious catamarans that dock and take off passengers. A vintage Mercedes bus is transformed into a fun and lively snack bar in which you can enjoy an ice-cold snack and drink. The beach is listed in the top 10 in Barbados

Bottom Bay

Bottom Bay is an extraordinary Barbados beach that is tucked away beneath massive coral cliffs that are jagged. The distinctive pink sand as well as stunning coconut palm trees that swing in the breeze are sure to delight the eyes. It is the ideal place to capture photographs! The Bay is situated along the southern shoreline and is a great picnic spot.

The swimming is not recommended since there is a powerful undertow and waves could be huge and hazardous. Take a walk, collect shells, and see whether you see whales or turtles in the sea. The cliffs surrounding the beach are now popular spots for celebrities and the wealthy to build vacation houses.

Crane Beach

Crane Beach is rated as one of the Top 10 Barbados beaches and is named, oddly due to the enormous crane that is used to unload and load cargo from ships. It is located on the top of the mountain.

This beach's main attraction is the famous Crane Hotel that is an old elegant and luxurious establishment that is a very popular wedding destination for honeymoons and destination weddings. The gorgeous pink-tinged sandy beaches give the beach an individual look and feel, while the big waves allow for excellent boogie surfing. The beach must be seen in the south of the coast close the town of St Phillips.

Hastings Rocks Beach

It is located on the south-west coast close to The town of Hastings close to Hastings' famous South Coast Boardwalk, is an idyllic Barbados beach with miles of white sand, gently swaying palm trees and a wealth in tropical vegetation. The beach is famous for massive waves and is a magnet for serious surfers.

The beach isn't a good place to swim but an amazing wooden boardwalk has been built which is ideal for jogging, walking or for a romantic evening stroll. You can also take cruises on catamaran boats from the beach and see the old wrecks, and revel in the variety in marine wildlife.

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Dover Beach

If you are looking for a tranquil peaceful location, Dover is the Barbados beach to go to. The beach is situated on the coast of the south and boasts stretches of pure white beach, palm trees, and tiny waves that allow for perfect boogie boards and surfing on the wind. Extreme sports enthusiasts have the option of jet skiing or ride on Hobie Cats. Hobie Cat.

If you'd like to experience the underwater world snorkeling gear can be rented. You can also rent an umbrella and a chaise to relax and enjoy an alcoholic beverage and a snack from one of the stands that line the beaches. Just across the road there is The famous Dover Playing Field, where fans of cricket can enjoy an exciting game that will make for the perfect day.