They are located in or near Center City and Old City Hotels located in Philadelphia are a fantastic base to get out and discover all the top activities in Philadelphia without difficulty (or for those who are locals and want to kick back into the middle of the city with an extended staycation). We've put together a list to the best alternatives for boarding, which include an array of luxurious rooms as well as trendy luxury hotels, boutiques that are located in Philadelphia and for those on a budget hotel guests, some of the city's best inexpensive hotels. Check out our guide to the top hotel options within Philadelphia and also check Cheap Flights from Philadelphia to Orlando.

The Rittenhouse

A luxurious hotel situated in Rittenhouse Square, The Rittenhouse blends timeless luxury with contemporary amenities to create a refined harmony. The hotel is family-friendly and centrally situated The hotel offers a classic luxury experience, from the interiors to the amenities.

Lokal Hotel Fishtown

If you're looking for a stay that's not as monotonous as a standard hotel look into Lokal Hotel, an apartment hotel with six meticulously designed studio suites. The hotel is located in a prime location and offers the feeling of a home away from home This Fishtown hotel is always highly sought-after in peak tourism season.

Kimpton Hotel Monaco Philadelphia

A symbol for a reason The Kimpton Hotel Monaco Philadelphia is often regarded as one of the most luxurious hotels that Philadelphia offers. The architecture buffs will be delighted by the stunning, distinctive style of the hotel that gives the hotel an identity that is evident in the 238 rooms, all of which are exactly the same.

Kimpton Hotel Palomar Philadelphia

A few streets further are Hotel Monaco's sisterhotel, Hotel Palomar which is a similarly beautiful, but a little more tranquil stay. In the same way that Hotel Monaco is all about color as well as texture Hotel Palomar is muted and serene, an escape from the busy Center City.

Wm. Mulherin's Sons Hotel

Wm. Mulherin's Sons Hotel is a small hotel with just four rooms that are each a carefully selected display of style and taste. It was the home of a former trust for whiskey, the structure is meticulously restored so that each room pays tribute to the past, but retains any of its contemporary appeal. Bonus? The restaurant is worth dying for.

Hotel Suites in the Touraine

The Touraine is actually a historic iconic apartment building that is a must-see, and potential residents vie for the chance to move in for a long time whenever there's an opening. It's a blessing that The Touraine has several "travel apartments" exquisitely furnished suites which can be rented out to visitors for short-term stays.

The Warwick Hotel

In a historical building that is located along Rittenhouse Square. The Warwick Hotel has selected luxurious textures and vibrant, bright colours to enhance the renovations. The Warwick has 2 restaurants and 301 rooms when you check in, you may be wondering what you're supposed to do to leave.

Morris House Hotel

A boutique hotel located in the historical neighborhood in Center City, Morris House has kept its pioneering roots alive through its design and atmosphere. Don't let the appearance fool you Morris House has the most modern amenities in modern-day comforts, such as the luxurious jacuzzi jet tub and the plush bedding. Breakfast is included in the price of your stay.

Dwight D Hotel Dwight D Hotel

A highly acclaimed boutique hotel that has an interesting history The Dwight D Hotel is perfect to those who want an extravagant and relaxing experience without the expense. The excellent location and gorgeous rooms make it an ideal choice for families and couples.

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The Deacon

Your eyes will not fool you -The Deacon does not have a phone number, which means that those who aren't phone-friendly will feel to feel at ease in this beautiful and eclectic hotel. The Deacon was once an old church and preserves a large portion of the original stained glass as well as the details from its previous life. With eight bedrooms that are in the market for sale, this space is quickly snapped up by those seeking a unique and warm place to stay.